What Goes ARound

I remember when you tucked me in
and would kiss me on the head
you’d leave the bedroom door just so
the hallway light just touched my bed

The monsters would all stay away
While the light was on you said
They were stuck behind the closet door
And if they touched the light…they’re dead

Now, the years have passed us by
And our roles are re-arranged
Now, I do the tucking in
But, the story hasn’t changed

I tuck you in, and kiss your head
And then you go to sleep
The monsters all are hidden
In the closet….so so deep

There’s times you may remember me
But, many times…there’s not
Your eyes will barely flicker
You can barely hold a thought

The monsters are inside you
From the closet, they have come
You may not know just who I am
But, you’ll always be my Mum

Now, it’s time to get tucked in
And for me to kiss you on the head
I’m gonna pull the door just so
The light….protects your bed.



  1. sorry to hear about your mum Thelma. I am glad you were touched on some level by this poem, that is my end goal in all i write. Keep the memories close, and god bless you in this terribly tough time.
    your friend always,

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