The Blessings of Bad Bourbon

Bourbon & Oak

Usually when one thinks of bourbon, they think of big floral hats, fast horses, seersucker suits, and muddled mint in dewy glasses. However, bourbon is not a one-dimensional spirit. There is an elixir called bad bourbon, and surprisingly, it has some great benefits.

Bad Bourbon Benefits

  • Bourbon and Curing Your Cold

My grandma swore by bourbon’s ability to kick a cold’s butt. She would take a lemon wedge, two teaspoons of clover honey, fresh ginger shavings, and two tablespoons of bourbon and then place this concoction in a cup of brewed hot tea. The brew was to be sipped before bedtime in order to cure the cold. It also guaranteed you a good night’s sleep.

  • Bourbon in Fruit Punch

I believe it might be illegal in the state of Kentucky to place bourbon in a fruit punch. However, you can add bad bourbon to fruit juices and then serve it…

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