The captain and Me

The bar was deserted
But for The Captain and me
I was tending the bar
He was watching the sea
The North Wind was ‘a howlin’
As the door opened wide
It was The North Wind just checkin’
To see who’s inside

The Captain, was quiet looking out at the sea
He said on days like today, that is no place to be
She’ll swallow you whole
Take your ship in one gulp
Crush all your riggings
And make the rest into pulp
When she opens her maw
The Sea don’t care who
Is there for the taking
It’s just what she do

I ventured on over
A fresh glass, with some ice
He said “what took you?”
I said …”now, be nice”
“With weather like this”
“There’s leaks front and back”
“And if I don’t mop them up”
“Then I will get the sack”

He smiled as he drank up
One gulp and all done
He used to come here
With his grandson and son
But, that story is longer
And a good one to know
But, today, t’was just him
And he was rarin’ to go

“The Sea is a monster, you can be sure of that”
“That’s a fact I am saying, as sure as I’m sat”
“She’ll swat you down hard, like a little old gnat”
“And to her it’ll be nothing more than a pat”
“To Davy Jones Locker, she’ll take you today”
“And once you are down there, in the locker you’ll stay”
“A witch like the Ocean, she doesn’t half play”
“When the water starts talking….you hear what she say!!!”

He swirled round the cubes
Made a noise, looked my way
I was already pouring
His fifth of the day
“Barkeep, be wary”
“The wind is the start”
“It’s the voice of the water”
“It’ll sure break your heart”
“She’ll take what you give her”
“And she’ll return you squat”
“Like a big old hard game”
“Of ‘x’s and noughts”
“She’s a powerful mistress”
“And fickle as well”
“But, be on her today”
“And she’ll take you to hell”

We sat watching closely
As the storm rattled glass
We both were quite nervous
And we hoped it would pass
The storm  came in early
Two weeks ‘fore the season
And we knew out today
That the water’d be freezin’
The Captain dozed off
Facing out to the sea
There was now just the storm
A sleeping Captain….and me.

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