Theater is magic

There is magic in live theater
It can’t be understood
For even watching a bad play
Is really something good
The footlights and the curtains
The sound of actors on the boards
Of orchestras and the sound effects
Of cheaply painted swords

The theater is a special place
It excites me to no end
It’s a long lost brother coming home
It’s a warm and welcome friend
Sitting in a theatre
Waiting for the overture
Is an illness I suffer happily
And one for which I wish no cure

Good theatre is transporting
Takes you where the actor lives
You sense it in the speeches
That every actor gives
You get lost in what’s going on
You feel hurt and you feel pain
And when you get another chance
You splurge and go again

Live theater is hypnotic
It’s a world that stands alone
It’s a place inside your being
You learn how love is shown
It’s where you listen to great music
Played by artists never seen
Where you hear the actor’s heartbeat
Unlike on the silver screen

Live theater is true magic
I can’t tell you how I feel
when I see a live performance
I know exactly what is real
The lights are slowly dimming
I hear them closing the lobby doors
Shhhhh….the orchestra is ready
Here comes the overture…..

For Cress, John Turner, John Palmer,  Louise Pitre, and all of the others who have ever created magic on the stage.


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