The 4d movie show

Black and White, Coloured
It doesn’t seem to matter
Technicolour, Sensoround
Made the audio much fatter
Shaking seats, scented mists
Make most patrons go scatter
To me, it’s still a movie show
And entertainment’s all that matters

With technological intracies
That boggle one mans mind
there are movies being made today
With images refined
Clarity and texture match
and a green screen there behind
CGI is god today
And so…it was designed

Today, I pushed the envelope
Moving dimensions one more out
I’ve seen 2D and 3D films
This one made me shout
In the middle of the first scene
It felt so real without a doubt
That I had to take my glasses off
This new dimension….I must tout

Even with my glasses off
It seemed so real to me
I’ve never seen a film like this
Not even in 3D
A mystical intrusion
And my senses were set free
Then my wife leaned over silent like
And this she said to me….

“Sit still….shut up….it’s a play you idiot!”


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