Lagavulin 12, Friends of the Classic Malts, 48%

Malt Fascination

Back in 2008 this whisky was released. Apparently the release was kind of a mess, since the price at which is became available was completely wrong initially. As in, while the RRP was set to some € 80, the first couple of cases were sold at just over half that. Luckily, I managed to get myself a couple of bottles, and some friends bought some too.

Back then there was still a Friends of the Classic Malts series. I’m not entirely sure when it stopped, but I do know that after this one there has been a Clynelish, and there’s been a Cragganmore but that might have been released earlier. Anyway, I’ve not seen a new one in The Netherlands for quite a couple of years. It was interesting though. A slightly different take on Diageo’s standard bottling of said distillery. I remember the Clynelish, Talisker and this one too.

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