America The Beautiful…..again

America, the beautiful…

do you see what I see?

A country stuck on life support

A dead economy?

America, America…

.please take a breath for me

Ford, GM and Chrysler

Are no longer the big three

Our plants are closed

Our dollar sucks

the Dow Jones is joke

Our people can’t afford to live

Our dreams went up in smoke

America, America

You’ll come back once again

But now you’re flat upon your back

On an eight count out of ten

Your soldiers fight, For what is right

On shores so far away

There’s battles that need fighting though

Inside the USA

America, America

Please get up off your knees

Most of what we buy from you

Is made by the chinese

Your country has come back before

We’re sure that you’ll be fine

Recovery won’t happen fast

Your eight count’s up to nine

America, America

Before they count you out

Stand up and yell

without a doubt

We’ll triumph once again.

We’d love to hear Kate Smith once more

Sing out about how great

America can be again, Before it is too late

America, America

God Shed his Grace on Thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From Sea to Shining Sea.

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