Bowmore 1995-2014, 19yo, 57.2%, ‘The Rock Pool’ – Wemyss

Malt Fascination

The last one of the three samples I got from Wemyss, and if the online availability is anything to go by, this is a cracker. It was released last week on Thursday or Friday and has already sold out. And that at € 150 a pop.

Bowmore has been in a love/hate relationship with me for a long time. When I started with whisky I was never a fan, except for the occasional bottle. In general I didn’t think much of it for quite a while. When I started with whisky a decade ago, most ‘aged’ Bowmores were still from the 1980s and as you might know, that wasn’t a very popular period for Bowmore to be from.

In those days, even though the tour guides will tell you nothing has changed in 200 years, the whisky was hideously perfumy. Laundry detergent and softener, mountains of lavender and violets. Just…

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