Day 78 – Zero Tolerance

we all have an Earl somewhere…mine is my brother. He’s put mum and step father into bankruptcy paying his legal fees, court costs. He’s stolen more than I care to count from our family both materially and emotionally. The brother I knew, is gone, the brother I have…I no longer wish to know. Strong write Mandy.


I was an only child until my dad married a woman who already had an 8 year old son– my age. When I first met Earl I felt intimidated by him. The more I was around him the more that intimidation grew until it was full-on hatred. Jealousy consumed me to the point I began to dislike my dad, feeling that he had pushed me away in order to make his new wife and kid comfortable. Those fuming emotions ignited by their new house, his own room but not one for me, his new Nike’s when I had Keds (before they were in style), his $300 school trip to DC while I got to stay in seat, his new clothes when I wore hand-me-downs from my aunt who was a size 9 when I was a size 0. Don’t get me wrong, my momma did what she could and I…

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