A child’s eyes show innocence
They are open to things new
They show with no discretion
The see all the things we do
A child’s eye’s receptive
To the joy and pain we see
It’s a window, unobstructed
It’s the way that things should be

A young man’s eyes, they wander
They see the future not the past
They are open to advancement
They see things that we know don’t last
A young man’s eyes are blurry
They show them what they want to see
They show innocence is missing
They show that nothing good is free

The eyes of a middle aged man
They are the windows to the end
They see retirement is coming
They see that age is not a friend
The eyes of a middle aged man
They show regret and are all red
These eyes are always tired
They show what they should have done instead

The eyes of an old man show
The innocence of the child
They show recollection of their passage
They are full of love and they are mild
They old man’s eyes look backward
More than at the future that is passed
They see the good times far behind them
They show the memories that will last

Your eyes, they are the window
To the world you see each day
They show you things of beauty
They show the world at play
An innocent sees nothing but
The world as it should be
So, take the time and clean your window
And see the world like me



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