Comic Book Shop Review: Comic Book University (Indianapolis, IN)

this is one place that Geoff at The Telltale Mind should see

A week ago after Indiana Comic Con my best fried drove me around to a couple of shops in Indianapolis (Indy). My favorite of which was Comic Book University (CBU). Located on the South side of Indy, CBU is a gem nestled inside a strip mall next to a chinese buffet and a fast food restaurant. For ease of reading I will separate this review into three sections: Space, Selection, and Price.


CBU offers a large space full to the brim with comic book related items. They have shelf after shelf, and table after table. In the back of the store they have two large rooms where they have DnD tournaments, and magic tournaments. I really like the rooms because the front of them are glass so you can look in and watch whats happening. It gives it a cool feeling.20150315_154404

Overall the space is nice, but sometimes all…

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