How can you tell the poor?

I walk the gauntlet every day
As do those who have no place
Of permanency, somewhere they
Can call their private place
Self esteem and confidence
fills them with a state of grace
Their position, is not justified
For the rest to look on down
They don’t look for your approval
Just don’t kick them while they’re down
Just think about logistics
One month’s pay is just how close
Most are to not surviving
With no where left, homelessness
Is just where you’ll be arriving
A person is a person
With a fundamental right,
To fair treatment and respect
And a place to spend the night
Being poor is not a career path
That someone picks in school
But, people who have nothing
Still respect the golden rule
I’ll bet you half a dollar
That you really do not know
That they live and work along you
And their difference doesn’t show.

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