The Troubles

We knew of “The Troubles” for most of our lives
They were there before we were born
But, to speak of “The Troubles” to those who don’t know
They can’t see that our country is torn

Pop stars sing songs about England go home
They make money, while we fight the fight
They stand on the sidelines just flapping their gums
While we live, breathe, and sleep this all night

Soldiers unknowing, just why they’re here
They choose sides because that’s what they do
They don’t know the issues, how deep “The Troubles”  go
They’re just here, and that’s all they know

The orange and green, divided as one
Catholics and Protestants alike
Both fight their battles and both live for peace
And the British…can get on their bike

A land half as lovely, torn asunder by war
would be laid waste, with nothing to show
But “The Troubles” aside, there’s lots here to see
And lots of great places to go

It’s a war of attrition, where neither side wins
Each army gets recruits from the womb
You stay on your side, and I’ll stay on mine
And we’ll disagree to agree to our tomb

Fighting for freedom, religion or rights
It’s political, hatred and worse
Religions involved, and we’ve only one God
So which side does God cheer or God curse

The battle still wages, though not like before
It’s a war that is fought underground
“The Troubles” remain, and will for all time
And I pray for the dead, not around



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