just a word

Will, won’t, do, don’t
Stop, go, yes, no
Hello, Goodbye, I can’t, I’ll try

Positives or negative
It doesn’t matter what the word
It’s just how one perceives it
It matters how it’s heard

A negative is positive
If the word gets the reaction
Of making someone know just what
To do for satisfaction

No, No, No, scares all of us
It shows we’ve not done something right
But turn the No, No, No around
And the results are out of sight

Can’t is just a cop out
While can…well, not so much
that apostrophe with the small t
Is just another crutch

Some people live for failure
Reaching goals is not the norm
Success come with responsibility
And to some, that’s just bad form

Two wrongs do not a right make
But three lefts will get you there
See, you’ve turned around a negative
It’s a thought you have to share

The strongest word I know is NO
Because it teaches you just what
You have to do to learn success
With all the talent that you’ve got

So, next time you hear negatives
Put a spin on what you’ve heard
Can’t, No, Won’t are negatives
But…they’re only just a word.



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