Good song and some poetry.


God’s going to cut you down (Johnnie Cash)

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I have been listening to Neil Young and Johnnie cash tonight. Good song create powerful poetry.


    God’s going to cut you down       (Johnnie Cash)

I told the kids. Hate make us no good. Leave us almost dead. When you dead. What is left?

I told the preacher. I have sins. I have done most of the deadly seven sins. I never seeks peace or forgiveness. I was led by greed and I don’t believe God will not forgive the men who left only marks of greed, lust and drink. I loved the road more than love. I believe men who danced on fire stone of self-need and  he don’t believe in heaven or hell. Will know purgatory with loads of foolish men. The preacher thought a moment and told me. God will forgive and expect payment…

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