The crooked man

There was a crooked man
And he had a crooked smile
He had all crooked teeth
they’d been crooked for a while

He had a crooked house
on a crooked little road
with a crooked little garden
with a crooked little toad

He had a crooked dog
with a crooked little tail
he had a crooked mailbox
for his crooked little mail

he had some crooked dreams
in his crooked little bed
he saw crooked little monsters
in his crooked little head

he had two crooked children
with his crooked little spouse
they weren’t with the crooked man
he was a crooked little louse

he ate his crooked dinner
off of crooked little plates
he lived in crooked silence
behind his crooked little gate

this crooked little man
and his crooked little self
is in a crooked urn
up on a crooked little shelf

his crooked heart attacked him
on a crooked little ride
his crooked body gave on out
and the crooked man…just died


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