The Sofa

You asked me for a late night drink
You worried just what I might think
I saw you hide the laundry by the sink
As I moved the cat to find the sofa

You said this wasn’t really you
As you sat down kicking off your shoes
You said you asked me, what’s there to lose
As you moved beside me on the sofa

A good girl, that was what you were
People say “oh no, not her”
I heard the cat again, really loudly purr
As we stretched out on the sofa

I knew that I should rise and leave
A tale like this, who would believe
They would think I was the one who did deceive
As we tumbled from the sofa

I remember how we spent that night
At first it was just stay or flight
I stayed and you know it turned out right
Sixteen years…upon that sofa



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