Spring..where are you?

I’ve had enough of winter
I’ve had enough of snow
I handle freezing weather
Just like an eskimo

My snowblower is finished
It’s blown more than it should
It’s blown more snow this winter
Than the whole damn neighborhood

Spring….when the hell you coming?
When will you be here?
I’ll close my eyes and I might miss you
That is my biggest fear

Last summer we set records
With the damn oppressive heat
We did the same with snow this winter
We had nearly 7 feet!!

I saw some grass last Tuesday
But, by Wednesday it was lost
Buried by a fresh snow dumping
Preceeded by a sudden frost

The sidewalk plow has torn up
Ninety square feet of my lawn
I won’t find all of the damage
Until all the snow is gone

I promise that next summer
I will not once complain
Because I’d rather have the heat way up
Than shovel snow…or pump out rain

Spring…when are you coming?
When will you be here?
I’ll sleep with one eye open
So, I’ll be up when you appear!!!

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