my spectre

It doesn’t much matter where I travel in town
There’s a spectre that hangs in the air
A shadow attached to the places I go
Because together we once traveled there

A new life, some changes
Ditch the shadow and move on with things
But there in the corner, hiding back in the dark
Is the darkness, and to me it still sings

Simple things bring the spectre
Like a drink at a bar
It just hovers where just I can see
I need to remove it,
this thing black as tar
And only then will I truly be free

The spectre is missing when I travel abroad
That is good, but it’s here that I live
I gave of my self for many long years
How much more am I destined to give?

When I’m with my Megan the spectre is gone
I rarely can see it about
But, when I’m alone or am just with a friend
It pops up and it shows me it’s out

You can’t see the spectre
It’s just shows up for me
It stays way in the back, thank the lord
But, it still comes out sometimes
When it should not be about
I guess then it is out ’cause it’s bored

The spectre has traveled with me for some years
Most times he is dusted and done
But if you know of this demon and you see him too
My one it smells just like rum

I used to drink hard, haven’t for years. I would go on the occasional “walk about”. I still consume casually, but not to the extreme where it affects my life. This is for a few friends I know, who recently have had some alcohol related issues, and I know that they can beat it. They all know we are here if they need them.

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