Spring Heeled Jack

The Evergreen Diary

It is easy to forget that in the Victorian age of strict family values, well-ordered hierarchical society and straight-laced sensibilities that a sub-culture existed that popularised fairies, seances and ghosts and that was fuelled by the ‘penny dreadful’ publications and one of the most notorious serial killers in History. It was early in this era that the legend of ‘Spring Heeled Jack’ was born.

The ‘Appearance of the Wretch’ – The accounts of Spring Heeled Jacks appearance do remain largely consistent, in that he has ‘red balls of fire for eyes’ he is mainly reported as having ‘metal like long claws’ and usually has some combination of black and white clothing. He is often described as wearing a helmet or a hat and his facial features are described as pointy, with sharp ears and a small beard – much like how you would imagine a devil.

Multiple Sightings The first…

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