Slight of Hand

Cards and coins and doves and smoke
Just ways to mesmerize the folk
Who come to dine and hear me joke
About the things I do

Restaurants, gyms and shopping malls
Weekend shows in legions halls
I have some phones…if someone calls
About the things I do

Houdini, Blackstone, Randi
Switching cards at times for candy
All things I must keep handy
to do the shows I do

I’ll never make a million
Never do the big reveal
I work just for tips and smiles
Trying to pay for my next meal

Sleight of hand’s my favorite
Keep them watching, fool them all
“Now which one did it go under”
“Can you surely find the ball?”

Drinking, drugs, an my depression
A nationwide finance recession
I do not  make a good impression
I’m a magician …level two

Small clubs, folks homes, and free dinners
Show the tricks that are my winners
Show them to the saints and sinners
I’m a magician ….level two

To most I will stay nameless
Screw it up, and I am blameless
Some folks comments , they are shameless
Tomorrow…I’ll be gone

I don’t repeat my shows  too often
I hardly do a second show
It’s not because I do not like it
It’s just these are the only tricks I know

I make things appear out of nowhere
It tricks the old folks and the young
I will never be remembered
I”m just one whose song is sung

I’m more slight of hand than ever
I’ve more patter than I’ve tricks
Sleight of hand lost to arthritis
Like what I do and that trick sticks

Cape and wand with no assistant
I’ll get it right, I am persistent
I’m nothing if I’m not consistent
“Which cup has the missing ball?”

I am a level two magician
In the yellow pages, find my name
There’s hundred more out there just like me
And all our tricks, they are the same

Thank you for your contribution
I thinks it grants you absolution
If I am bad, no retribution
I’m slight of hand…not sleight no more.



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