Three sides

i was drinking
so i’m late
that’s what started the debate

was it one drink
maybe two
i’m not sure, i wish i knew

in every single conversation
there’s two sides that we see
but, besides ours, there’s another
the truth and that makes three

was i dancing
did i meet
another woman, so discreet

you were home
alone you said
but, there’s clean sheets upon the bed

little lies
and bigger liars
i didn’t ride her, just kicked the tires

you just smile
and don’t let on
it’s just ten minutes since he’s been gone

we can argue
what’s the use
neither one can tell the truth

i go quiet
that’s just me
there’s still a third side i should see

so i drink
one shot or two
it shouldn’t matter much to you

one side mine
another yours
the third side hidden behind closed doors

there’s three sides known  to every story
the third one can be kind of gory
so it’s the one we never see
mine, yours, and the truth makes three

#love   #truth   #story   #cheating   #marriage   #three   #fighting   #sides   #yours   #mine


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