Puff, the Magic Dragon 2

Puff the magic dragon
Lives by the sea
We know him from our childhoods
Living down in Hona Lee

Little Jackie Paper
He loved that dragon puff
But, he’s grown up  and he’s moved away
He’s too old for all that stuff

What happened to the dragon?
What is Puff doing these days?
Few children come to visit him
He’s still swimming between the bays

Puff is writing stories
Of his time so long ago
He uses a computer now
For his writing was so slow

Little Jackie Paper
Is a doctor in Duluth
He doesn’t think of Puff at all
He won’t accept the truth

His imagination
Disappeared as Jackie grew
Puff was not a living thing
As far as Jackie knew

Puff is making money
But, longs for old pursuits
Like sealing wax and other things
And kids in rubber boots

Jackie came to visit
He brought his family to the beach
Puff was there in hiding
And he stayed just out of reach

Jackies son, he saw him
told his dad of dragon Puff
Jackie said, it isn’t real
“Of this talk I’ve had enough”

Puff the magic dragon
heard this and he did cry
He missed his Jackie Paper
He never said good bye

Jackies son kept wanting
To see the dragon by the shore
So, Jackie took him down again
To find the dragon friend once more

Puff, he saw them coming
And he made his way on out
And to his little Jackie Paper
Puff, gave out a shout

He shot fire from his nostrils
He splashed water with his tail
He even showed Jackies young boy
How he could harness wind and sail

Puff the magic dragon
still lives by the sea
One day Jackie will notice him
And his mind will then be free

A child’s imagination
Must be nurtured as they grow
Harness it as they grow up
Maybe they’ll put on a show

Never, tell your children
to stop playing around
Play along and you will see
Puff is there still to be found

Puff, the magic dragon
Lives by the sea
He still frollicks in the autumn mist
In a land called Hona Lee


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