The Master

A man known as “The Master”
came to speak to our small town
He was revered as a wise man
And he always dressed in brown
He answered every question
Though his answers did confuse
He was more of a rainmaker
A charlatan, a ruse
For twenty bucks he’d let you in
To hear him speak about the world
His hair, was just a birds nest
And his beard was braided, twirled
I went to see this magii
Find out answers about life
I asked him if he knew the truth
He said, “I see you’ve met my wife”
I asked him what his answer meant
He said “she always asks me the same thing”
“like, when I’ve lost the rent”
“Master, all I want to know
Can true happiness come to man”
“If you’ve money, booze and three drunk broads”
“Then son, I’d say you can”
“Master, that’s not what I mean”
“Then, just why did you ask?”
“I didn’t mean that happiness”
He took a sip from his small flask
I sat and looked about me
At the crowd around his feet
I was more confused than ever
And was getting dizzy from the heat
Another man stepped forward asking
“Master, tell us about love”
“didn’t you read about the broads
“About thirteen lines above”
“ is confusing”
“It’s always different every day”
“If you want love that never changes”
“Then my boy, you’ll have to pay”
“I’m not sure that’s what I need”
“To hear, Is it the truth?”
“I see you’ve met my wife as well”
“A big girl, red head…Ruth”
“No master, I just need to know”
“Before I choose a bride”
“Well, make sure you can see the tv”
“When she’s lying on her side”
“Always mark the vodka bottle”
“Just in case…you thinks”
“That way, you can always prove to her”
“That you haven’t had three drinks”
“Master, this is way off base”
“I think you are a fraud”
“Young man, I know of what I speak”
“I see that you don’t have a broad”
He too, sat down, head spinning
The master was confusing as all hell
But, we all sat here in his presence
Under this strange man’s spirit spell
“Master, I have one more thing”
“I must know before I leave”
He said” it’s two doors down and to the right”
As he wiped his nose upon his sleeve
“No, not that, I don’t need that”
“I just need to know what’s real”
“Do I believe in all around me?
“Do I believe in what I feel?”
“Christ”, he said,”you are a pain”
“I can’t answer things like that”
“I just know, who won last nights game”
“Do these pants make me look fat?
“You speak to me of truth and love”
“I know of  broads and trucks”
“The only truth I know is that”
“You’ve wasted twenty bucks”
“Master, you’re a ripoff, sir”
“I guess this is a lesson in my life”
“You really do not know the truth”
“Are you sure you’ve not met my wife?”……

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