summer days

I remember summers when
we’d play baseball till the sun went down
and it got dark…and
We’d go out riding bicycles
With baseball cards tucked in the spokes
riding down the gravel roads
stopping quick to make the biggest mark…
that was just so long ago
summer time was such a time
with memories and sounds and smells
of transistor radios playing loud
while we played down at Wilson’s park
waiting for the moon

Wearing PF Flyers out
and running faster when they’re new
sitting trading baseball cards
and getting sweaty running free
because that’s what children do
We’d collect old bottles
just to trade them in get the newest
batman comic book that we would read
out in the fort we’d made from sheets
of plywood that we’d found out in the forest
that….was what a summer was…a time
to be a kid ….when skies were blue

I remember summertime
Noises, coming everywhere
Children running fun and free
Wind was whipping through their hair
Playing out till Dad got home
then going in to eat up quick
and head on back to the park to be
the first one on the diamond so
another game could start again
and finish when the sun went down
Man, that was summertime for me


Take me back to summer days
When life, it was delivered
School was out and we would be
swimming in the quarry or the river
Man…I miss those days
summer days…..summer days

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