Day 46 – Milk Sandwiches

this is by a friend in Kentucky….it’s funny and surprisingly true.


This morning was crazy cold. We all piled in the car only to go NOWHERE but down the frozen driveway. My husband tried to give it a running start but the tires only peeled the ice and smoke came pouring out of the vents… gross.
My husband and I got out and put down some ice melt and cat litter and tried again. Good news is we made it up the hill and to church, bad news, we all smelled like burnt rubber and no one sat by us.

Why do people run out to the grocery and buy up all the bread and milk everytime the weatherman says it’s gonna snow? Are milk sandwiches popular during winter storms?
And why on earth do people listen to the weatherman anyway? He is NEVER right? They say 100% chance of rain aaaaand it doesn’t rain. Now if it’s only 30% chance…

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