Day 51- Tootsie Rolls

loved this…our little guy….loved the snow and cold…pooped allover the yard….not so much on the patio. this made me smile thinking of him.


The wiener dog got lost in the backyard two days ago and about froze to death- ever since, he’s been taking a dump on the deck. I get mad and yell at him to get out in the yard and what does he do? He runs where I can’t see him. I’m thinking he went to the yard..nope… he’s crapping nearer to the steps and out of sight. Today I went out and shoveled all the frozen tootsie rolls off the deck and tossed them into the yard. I swear not 3 hours later my husband starts laughing hysterically. I ask what’s so funny and he says, “Cooper is pooping on the deck again.”

Damn dog.


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