I gambled with the devil

There’s hole in all my pockets
No more money do they hold
My hands can’t go much deeper
Trying to shield them from the cold
I’ve got ’bout fifteen dollars
Rolled and stuffed inside my boot
Got it from a pawn shop
Where I went and sold my suit

The road to where I’m going
Is one I’ve never been before
I’ve gambled all I own away
I’m looking for a score
All my lifes possessions
Are scattered cross the land
In pawn shops and casinos
In the mountains and the sand

I gambled with the devil
Didn’t win, had no chance
Now, I’m hitching it to nowhere
With holes in the pockets of my pants
A dealer with a lucky streak
And me on my last legs
Now, I’m one step up from dying
I’m now one of the worlds dregs

The money in my left boot
Won’t last long when I hit town
I’ll find the first casino
And my sorrows I will drown
Be it on the tables
Or at the bar telling my tale
It won’t last long no matter
But my soul still ain’t for sale

I gambled with the devil
Didn’t have a chance at all
It’s amazing that the distance
That there is for one to fall
It didn’t take a decade
And it didn’t take a year
But, I’m one step from the bottom
Aching hard for my next beer

I’m hitching it to nowhere
But, I’ll know when I arrive
Don’t know how long I’ll stay there
Or how long I will survive
I’ve got holes in all my pockets
All I own is on my back
I gambled with the devil
He took red, and I took black.


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