Always in the background
He doesn’t think it’s fair
No one really knows him
They don’t know that he’s there
But soon they will all know him
The world will know his name
He will share with them his message
They will remember that he came
At work he’s just a number
They ignore him at school
Wearing plastic Buddy Holly glasses
But, not the kind that’s cool
He’s determined in his mission
They’ll remember him for sure
Like those that went before him
He’ll shake this place right to it’s core
A shadow in his movements
No one really knows his face
Not many recognize him
By either name or face
But, once this day is over
The world will know his name
He’ll make sure he ends up famous
The world will know he came
At work and school…invisible
Like a picture you don’t see
But once he spreads his message
“They’ll all remember me!”
Four months or so preparing
Making plans and making lists
All things are in order
There is nothing that he’s missed
He heads to school that morning
Just a little after eight
He doesn’t get there early
He plans on being late
He enters with two backpacks
Then he chains and locks the door
Before he sends his message
He chain locks five doors more
There’s no one to disturb him
To distract him from his way
Today he’ll become famous
Today will be his day
He heads into the mens room,
Leaves the empty backpack there
Now the doors are locked tight
The truth will come to bear
He opens up the other
And takes the contents out
Once he builds and loads these weapons
They will know what he’s about
He heads up to the office
Takes his list out to be sure
Then he fires off the weapon
Blowing holes into the door
It’s the first line of his message
“HI….it’s me …I’m Here!”
The staff just stand there startled
“It’s okay…the end is near!”
He herds them down the hallway
Past the classes to the gym
Around the school the word is out
They will remember him
He opens up a classroom
Sprays his message there inside
They won’t find out till later
From the burst….nine kids died
There’s screaming in the hallway
Kids are running from the class
He turns and mows five more down
“They forgot their school hall pass!”
He gathered up three more here
Moved along and shot two more
Then he came up to a classroom
And he opened up the door
The students here were cowering
In the corner, by the wall
He was smiling at them sickly
He was having quite a ball
He went over to the window
Saw the cop cars all arrive
By the time that he was finished
They would not all leave alive
He knew kids would have cell phones
And they’d be phoning right away
They’d call the cops, their parents
But today, would be his day
His Buddy Holly glasses
looked askew upon his face
But he didn’t care about them
And he put them back in place
He took them to the gym now
He’d already chained the doors
There would not be any windows
On his way he shot three more
News crews arrived directly
They already knew his name
They’d all tweaked on to his message
They didn’t like his game
Phone calls from survivors
Told the police who he was
they didn’t know his reason
They didn’t know his cause
They went to his apartment
Found the note there on the wall
“Today, you’ll know about me..
I’m gonna kill them all”
The SWAT team broke the first door down
And they went from room to room
They hurried out survivors
Past the ones who met their doom
Before they chose to venture
Down the hall into the gym
They had to find a method
To try and contact him
They knew that he had others
He could use as barricades
And they wanted them out safely
Before they tried a full out raid
So they called on one kids cell phone
Got him on the phone to tell
The reason for this slaughter
The reason for this hell
“No one here remembers me”
“I’m a zero, I do not count”
“Before the day is over”
“The numbers, they will mount”
“I’m a cipher in the background”
“I’m the one that no one sees”
“But before today is finished”
“You will remember me”
It was obvious to the SWAT team
He had chosen “Death by Cop”
As a way to spread his message
They would have to make him stop
They kept him on the phone to talk
While they worked in through the roof
He would find out from a snipers gun
His was not the only truth
A small hole in the ceiling
Gave the line of site required
And it only took five seconds
Before the snipers gun was fired
It hit him in the forehead
Threw him back against the wall
And as he slid down floorward
They burst in from the hall
That day he left his message
People would not forget his name
And it’s ten years after
And they still all know his name
Outside there is no statue
They built a fountain there instead
On the floor in cobalt tile
Are the names of all the dead
His message reached the world that day
He murdered twenty two
They all know all about him
He got what he set out to do.
It’s sad we know the shooters
Victims names to us are lost
So, please forget this young mans message
And remember what it cost.



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