Street Walking Man (The Street #7)

Every day you see him on the streets

His lifes possessions in his cart

You  look at him and turn away

Is that the way you want to start?

He walks around the streets all day

HIs world is only where he walks

But, when he gets too close to you

You find that you’re the one who balks

He’s never done no harm to you

In fact your lives may be the same

He may just feel the same for you

And you’re the one who should feel shame

His life is in that shopping cart

It’s full of years of where he’s been

He may not have a home like you

He may not have a next of kin

He may live like this willingly

Though you look at him as mad

You see, he’s not the issue here

It’s you and that’s what’s sad

He’s searching for a better life

Or is he…no one knows

For no one takes the time to see

Just where this poor soul goes

He doesn’t want your pity

But a hand up would be kind

A hand out he’s not looking for

But they’re so hard to find

He lived up in the ivory towers

With a family, working hard

Now he lives among the forgotten folks

With his boots re-soled with cards

You can ask him if he needs a hand

But you wouldn’t dare to speak

Because that would put you near him

And that’s not ground you seek

Is he harmless, well you just don’t know

Is he mad or lost his way

Is he loony, well that’s doubtful

He found a cart to push this way

His life is in the boxes

And the bags inside the cart

Next time you see him, don’t avoid him

Show him just a little heart

I knew a man, this independent

He showered at a self serve bar

While he cleaned, I’d leave a coffee

And then I’d attend to the next car

He always smiled as he was leaving

A whistle always on his lips

You never knew where he was headed

As he left to go out on his trips

Three times a week, just like clockwork

He would show up just to wash

Three times a week I’d leave him coffee

And each time he’d leave feeling posh

You see him daily in your travels

He’s the king of where he’s been

So if you see him while you’re walking

Give a smile, don’t look so mean

For, he’s the one who has no problems

Maybe he has got it right

It may not work for you or me though

But it works for him tonight

Each day you see him with his old cart

But you turn away from view

Handicapped…he isn’t..but just maybe

The handicapped one here is you..

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