How Do You Give Away a Life?

Sorting boxes, packing clothes
Assaulted by the past
When you stood and said forever
You both thought it would last
A jewellery box, a trinket here
A gift they never used
A present from five years ago
You smile, a bit bemused
The boxes fill, the tears arrive
You know it must be done
It’s the one part of a person’s life
That surely isn’t fun
Textures and scents surround you
They take you back in time
To a place before computers
When a phone call cost a dime
You fill one box, put it aside
“Donations” on the side
You can picture every item
That you piled up inside
You put them in there lovingly
You didn’t want to let them go
By releasing them into the box
It forced you to….you know
Accept that you’re alone now
That your partner is not here
That the life you built together
Is now remembered by a tear
You gave things out to family
Though you do not know just why
They will stick them in a drop box
And that just makes you cry
You picture them inside the clothes
And you hear their laugh as you
Put magazines and tolietries
Inside Box number two
You put aside some things you like
To remember better days
Though you know that in the future
You’ll remember through a haze
Time will mar your memories
Keep the good times, wipe the bad
You’ll forget about the smile
And this really is quite sad
It takes days to sort the boxes
Fill the others, pack them all
By the time that you are finished
They will almost fill the hall
When complete you think on
What is in the totes
There’s clothing, jewellery, memories
And magazines and notes
You don’t know where to take them
You balance on a knife
The question here before you
How do you give away a life?


  1. have none of mine left….they all passed away in England, so, i really didn’t know them as well as my cousins. my loss. i do have memories of my moms mom and dad, but, don’t remember my dads father at all, and not too much of my dads mom


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