gnome in my yard

Alice was walking
At the back of her yard
when she spotted a gnome
well….standing guard
she knew she was gnomeless
she had a ball and a stone
but there in her garden
was a short, stocky gnome
he knew that she saw him
he tried not to blink
he stopped all his breathing
this’ll fool her i think
she walked down the garden
stopped ten feet away
looking close at this person
who was dressed in green gray
she thought, this is crazy
a gnome in my yard
it was then that he moved
and he held out his card
she looked at the writing
it did her no good
it was written in gnomish
and only gnomes understood
the stare off continued
and then she asked loud
who are you, you gnome you
standing so proud
he said, i am biffles
at your service i am
in the back of your garden
here in East Ham
she said, why my garden
what is special to you
about my dear roses
and my runner beans too
he said, that a meeting
of the higher up gnomes
was being held there that night
there were elves and some pixies
and some twenty odd sprite
they were there all around her
though they couldn’t be seen
watching her closely
in ten shades of green
well, biffles …young sir
what is your job while here
you aren’t at the meetings
what do you do my dear
i am sargeant at arms
when we’re here or at home
i guess you could call me
(wait for it)
yep…i’m a guardin’ gnome


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