Believing in Miracles

I’ve never read the bible
I believe in what I see
I’ve never seen a miracle
What will be will be

Way back now, in sixty nine
The Mets, they won it all
It may have been a miracle
or just damn good baseball

Don’t try and sell me a bill of goods
I believe what I believe
I have to see it for myself
I’m not easy to decieve
There may be things called miracles
But, most are just …well …bunk
I don’t believe in miracles
I just think they are junk

I’ve led my life my own way
I don’t know why, I just do
I’d never seen a miracle
Until introduced to you

You saw through my tough persona
Knew I was keeping it inside
But, you worked your way on through it
And, it’s been one hell of a good ride

I always thought a miracle
involved turning water into wine
But, I know that it’s something special
There’s one miracle that’s mine

I never read the bible
And most likely never will
But, I still need some reinforcement
I’m still quite cautious ever still

I know that you are special
And I know you love me so
I guess that is the miracle
I’d be so lost if you should go

I believe in fact and science
Without proof for me to see
But, since the night that I first saw you
You’ve been a miracle for me


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