The Lighthouse

Heading up the coast a ways
The fog wall rolling in
Couldn’t make out where we’re going
Much less see where we’ve been
It covered like a blanket
A black hole by the sea
It was like something from a movie
One that now was starring me
The road lines were invisible
As we ventured through the mist
I couldn’t see a single thing
I’m sure you get the gist
We pulled off at a sign of life
A diner on the side
We figured we’d be safe here
And rest some from our ride
The hostess seemed quite startled
When we entered from the gloom
You’d have think she’d seen a spirit
As she led us through the room
“No one’s out on nights like these”
“The sane folks hunker down”
“A fog like this could last for days”
We said we’re from out of town
We asked about a haven
Somewhere we could get a bed
She told us of an old place
Run by a fellow known as “Red”
She made a reservation
While we were waiting for our meal
Told “Red” we’d be there rightly
He could not disguise his zeal
“Not many folks come out this way”
“At least not for the night”
“The fog here is monotonous”
“It gives most folks a fright”
You could hear the rolling thunder
of the waves upon the shore
But, beyond that you heard nothing
Not a sound came through the door
“Red’ said if we were willing
He’d tell us ’bout the place
It was nautical in flavour
A real interesting space
He got our bags secured
And he came back to the fire
He said “What I’ll say is all the truth’
“I’ll not be called a liar”
The b and b we were now in
Was a lighthouse in years gone by
It stood upon this craggy cliff
To see that no one did not die
One hundred twenty years it stood
His family manned the light
There was always someone here to see
Sailors made it home at night
Ships were lost upon the rocks
From waves come straight from hell
The light was there to guide them
And the town had a large bell
Most times the ships weighed anchor
Stayed away and rode it out
But others, tried their mettle
They wouldn’t turn the ship about
There were life boats manned and ready
To go and get survivors from the sea
I’ve been out many times myself
And I only saved three
The rocks and waves and currents
Take a body far from shore
if we don’t get there right quickly
Then we’ll n’ere see them no more
The light was a stern warning
That the rocks were looming fast
And if they didn’t alter course
Then they surely wouldn’t last
We asked who manned it nowadays
He said “no one at all”
It was run by automation
It all changed after the squall
A storm came in five years ago
The light was burning bright
But the snow and ice and wind
Were blocking it from sight
The boat went down without a trace
The boats were still left docked
We couldn’t hear their sirens
All the boats remained here locked
They couldn’t hear the fog horn
And the light would not shine though
They’d lost communication
And they took down thirty two
The government came in and said
“We have to make a change”
“We need a better lighthouse”
“One that has a longer range”
“So, they put in a new signal”
“Amped the horn and closed me out”
“I was allowed to live beneath her”
“So, I knocked a few things out”
“I opened up the “Lighthouse”
“Never thinking folks would stay”
“But, business has been steady”
“But, only on bad days”
“I’ve never been back to the light”
“Since they amped it up a notch”
“They took away my livelihood”
“It was a kick into my crotch”
“But, now I get a pension”
“And a few people like you”
“So, I sit here and tell stories”
“And you’ll bet I know a few”
“But, now I see you’re tired”
“Some advice and then good night”
“Make sure you wear the blindfolds”
“Because I can’t turn out the light!!!”



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