They have soft balls in New England

So….the rumour is out…they have soft balls in New England. Apparently, softer balls are easier to handle….according to those paid to professionally handle balls on a weekly basis in front of large crowds.

11 of 12 balls were under inflated by 2 pounds ( I didn’t know you could measure that) and because of this, one group of ball handlers had an advantage over the other.

Face it, New England cheated….you can’t under inflate 11 of 12 footballs and not be cheating. you either screw up on all 12 or you fix the mistake. These men are pros at what they do, they know the way a properly inflated football feels, they also know the feel of a soft ball.

The NFL has stated, that if they are found to have been cheating they will be fined $25,000 and lose a draft pick. Tom Brady has $25,000 in his couch cushions….and as for the draft pick…taking away an unknown quantity….come on.

The game should be forfeited to the losing side….all they have to do is prove that the balls in New England are softer…like their heads…if they think they can get away with this.

The penalty should be a deterrent…is this?


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