Review 2 – Naked Grouse

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Naked Grouse


What they say:

The Naked Grouse enriches the flavours of Scotland’s favourite whisky by maturing in sun dried sherry oak casks. The influence of our quality first-fill sherry casks develops a deep russet appearance and an aroma that melds black cherries, cocoa and oak. The taste experience is sublimely smooth with famous trade-mark dried fruits yielding to cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. The sweet finale is rich in dark chocolate with a spicy, orange finish. A fine example of the blender’s art, it is best enjoyed neat or as a classic “Old Fashioned”.

APPEARANCE: Deep, amber glow

AROMA: Black cherries, cocoa powder and oak wood

TASTE: Sweet, resinous, dried fruits, Spicy cinnamon sticks and nutmeg

FINISH: Dark chocolate with lingering spiciness, medium sweet

What I say:

The Naked Grouse has been a whisky that has always intrigued me, high on my “to taste list” for some time.

Many of…

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