May 1942 (2)

Pacific Paratrooper


3 May – Corregidor had been bombed without mercy for weeks and the beach fortifications began to fall away.  For the 1,300 men of the 4th Marine Division, “…it was like living in the center of a bulls-eye.”  The confines of the Malinta Tunnel became terribly overcrowded.  The US submarine, “Starfish was able to evacuate 25 more of the personnel, (13 of them nurses) and Wainwright told the skipper of the boat as it left, “They will have to come and get us… They will never get us any other way.”  The “Rock” had only five days of fresh water remaining.

US officer giving water to a wounded Japanese soldier US officer giving water to a wounded Japanese soldier

4 May – Wainwright sent a radio message for General Marshall, “In my opinion the enemy is capable of making an assault on Corregidor at any time.”  As if in response, 600 Japanese soldiers landed and the First…

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  1. just got contacted from Pierre, he wants to repost it. asked me if Gilles Rochefort was still alive. he is alive in my head where i created him, and that is where he will remain. i love it when i can create a fictional piece that has people asking questions like that, it confirms what i am doing is good.


    thanks for sharing

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  2. sorry for your loss. i understand completely. it was a hard one to write, i had to get into the character of a parent who had lost a child…sorry i brought those memories up.



  3. Whoa! It told the story, held your interest and made you think. You had to be thinking of your Uncle Bill the entire time! I’m going to pass this link on to a friend of mine who write about the Canadians in WWII, Pierre Lagase.

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