where does the time go?

We all know time passes

Just blink and it is gone

But, you can bring it back a little

Just by listening to a song

A video, an mp3

You can travel through the years

It might bring you a sweet smile

Or may accentuate your tears

Time is such a fickle beast

It’s a vesper you can’t hold

One day you are young and fair

And the next day you are old

There never is enough of

And it vanishes so fast

You look into your future

And start remembering your past

Time cannot be captured

You can’t trap it, make it yours

You can’t keep it in a bottle

It won’t help you open doors

But, just where does the time go?

Does it disappear for good?

If you knew you could just save it

Would you do it if you could?

I think I have an answer

Now that time has passed me by

I have less time in my mirror

That’s the truth and not a lie

I think that time’s immortal

It will never go away

It just hangs around and lingers

But, it’s forever here to stay

So, back to our first question

Where exactly does time go ?

Time …goes into your memories

Time goes into your mind’s show

It feeds you little snippets

From the past, when you were young

It comes out from a scent you smell

Or you a hear a song that’s sung

Time…it never leaves you

Though you don’t know where it went

The memories stay with you

And will show how time was spent.

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