walking in the wind

Out walking in the sub-zero cold
Nose hairs sticking together
Hoar frost visible on fences
Cheeks, feeling like untreated leather
Snow, crunching, underfoot
Eyes, watering as the wind whips
Ripping my tears from my eyes
And stealing feeling from my fingertips

Twenty minutes and I am numb
My thighs are tight and burning
Wind is howling like a banshee
Hitting full force, so I am learning
My ears are on fire beneath my toque
No snow though, too cold to form
Can’t wait to get back home
And let the burning finish before I warm

Through it all, without a care
My dog is leading me around
I’m fully covered, and still I hurt
He’s leaving gifts upon the ground
His pads must be frozen
His muzzle is a frozen mask
Finding the perfect spot for one last pee
Seems to be his only task

….all I can say is “I’m freezing, and this bugger owes me!!!”


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