“Old Painter at the beach boardwalk.”

i love this poem.



Old Painter at the beach boardwalk.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need to listen to the old ones. Can enlighten the mind and heart.


Old painter on the beach boardwalk

Old man sat alone.
He was painting a picture of a woman.
She was from another time.

We sat in silence till he finally spoke to me.
He whispered “Her name was Jennifer.
A homecoming queen.

“She was a beauty then,
that lays in my dreams still”.

He told me he was eighty.
The brush was his only remaining friend.

I asked him for a story?
He would give me more.

His sad eyes looked to the sky.
He told me. “The sun always rises from the east.
Fall into west.

Life is like the sun and the wind.
It seems we should know how life should be.
But like the wind we change direction.

He spoke of war.
How friends…

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