I broke through….

I was just on one of the other sites I frequent, posting my words. Apparently, I struck a chord with someone.

It was always my opinion that members of The Jehovah’s Witness faith, were some of the toughest skinned individuals around, With the constant rebuffing, door slamming, ignoring, and negative comments aimed in their direction, they have earned my respect by letting it wash off their backs, like water does the back of a duck.

This individual read my poem, Religion , which is on http://www.hellopoetry.com and felt I needed a lesson in faith. I hold true to my beliefs, as a Christian, that there is an inherent weakness in a belief system, where the members have to knock on doors selling their religion to the general public. It is by choice, that individuals follow the belief system, or religion that they do. Whether they were brought up with it, or have chosen as adults a path to follow, they did it by choice. Should I, in the future, choose to follow the beliefs of their group of merry wanderers, I shall contact them, not, have them come to my door on a morning of their choice, to sell themselves to me.

I do not, rant on here…never have. This is the first, and hopefully last time I will do so. I normally post poems or re-post other works by other talented bloggers, whose work I enjoye and opinions I respect.



ps. this individual may have been pissed at me for telling them that “Watchtower” makes a great firestarter.



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