A Symbol

It was torn and slightly tattered
storms and wind had battered
The symbol….
The tree was strong and silent
As the winds tore through real violent
At the symbol…..

Look around you’ll see it
There are many there to see
A simple yellow ribbon
Tied tight right around a tree
They’re there for every soldier
Who is fighting to be free
They are waiting for their safe return
They are there for you and me

That yellow ribbon hangs on tough
To the tree bark that is worn and rough
A symbol…
On the day that they come home
Show them they were not alone
Show the symbol…

It’s a simple ribbon on a tree
That shows them that we care
A yellow ribbon, nothing more
We’re proud that they are there
When our soldiers come on home
I think that it would just be fair
To let them cut it down
And give them a ribbon they can wear
….a symbol

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