Ghost of Christmas Past is back…

The ghost of Christmas past dropped in
You see. he was completely out of wine
He had two stops to make by three
so, he borrowed some of mine

He asked me how i was getting on
since, he came around that night
with Jacob and the other two
and took me on that flight

i told him i was doing well
but, i thought he had to know
i was succeptible to pnuemonia now
since they dragged me through the snow

it’s just the nature of the beast
that you may get a cold
the younger ones, not quite so much
it’s just that you were old

i asked him where he had to go
and who he had to see
he told me , Ebby you know the rules
but, i can give you guesses…three

the first place that i’m off to now
is really not that far
this one, used to be a beatle
peace and love is for this starr

i was surprised that it was Ringo
he said, he had to be reeled in
his ego grew a little bit
and to his boss that was a sin

The second place he had to go
he needed wine for the bar
because he was going out to celebrate
and he brought a good cigar

He said this one, he’s off his head
He’s gone back fifty years
There’s a lot of things he needs to see
So, with your wine, I’ll need some beers

If everything goes as we hope
And he can make amends
He plans on calling Cuba
And saying…it’s time that we were friends

#past   #ghost   #white   #house   #christmas   #obama   #cigar   #cuba   #amends   #ringo

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