Christmas Dinner Surprise

I’ve picked on all those Christmas sweaters
and the letters we recieve
I’ve written about Santa and the Angels
and the things we all believe

But, I have never ever written
About the food we choose to eat
I’ve never picked on Christmas Turkey
and all the other kinds of meat

At our house for our Christmas dinner
We’d get turkey, maybe duck
It was always something different
And it wasn’t just to save a buck

One year we sat down to dinner
something different every year
we had pig, goat and chicken
and one year we sat down to deer

Birds of every sort have fed us
We’ve eaten things I can’t describe
But, with every meal we drink a little
to kill the taste, we must imbibe

One year we had some seafood
Drumsticks there to be had by all
Octopus, was on the menu
It fell off a truck back in the fall

To tell the truth , a Christmas Turkey
Is not something that we get
I love the surprise at the table
Eating what we’ve not had yet

What we get, our dad runs over
most times squirrel or deer
We get more food when he’s been drinking
So we always send him out with beer

I know that we once had rabbit
Thought it could have been a cat
Another Christmas Dinner surprise
And that is all I’ll say on that…

Merry Christmas…enjoy your turkey


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