T’was the night…

T’was a night before Christmas, Not the one that we know
When the big guy came forth,From the land full of snow,
He’d been summoned down south, to a lawyers..no less
There were some concerns that he had to address.
First was the doll that was known just as Dinah,
It was looked at because it was all made in China
The paint would flake off, so it stayed on the shelves
It was obvious that it was not made by elves.
There were problems as well with the way that it looked,
From the make-up she wore, you would think that she hooked
The lawyers all said she should look more demure
And the manufacturers need to lose the fake fur.
To show off its privates, there wasn’t the need
So it came off the shelves, and it was done with real speed.
The next toy examined was a gun that shot caps
But the chinese translation said it was used to shoot cats
PETA had phoned and was all up in arms
That Santa believed in “The right to bear arms”
“Santa”, they said “you can’t sell guns as toys”
“They’re dangerous for all the girls and the boys”
But Santa just sat and he had nothing to say
Their arguements meant things would not go his way.
So he sat and he watched as each toy was brought out
Though deep down inside, he just wanted to shout
“What happened to Christmas, it’s supposed to be fun”
“Where is the harm in a little toy gun?”
“Expenses kept rising and the costs all went nuts”
“I had to lay off the elves as one of the cuts”
“I outsourced to China, Taiwan and B.C.”
“How would I know this would happen to me”
“Wal-mart’s successful with importing from there”
“In fact, they all do it with nary a care”
“I can hire some back as consultants as such”
“But, with the cost of production, I can’t pay them too much”
“You all once were children and you broke what I gave”
“Now production from China is the new fad and rave”
“The toys were more dangerous in years all gone by”
“There were parts you could swallow and choke on and die”
“The paint was lead based like the stuff you all fear”
“You all ate it as children and yet your’re still here”
“Now come and tell Santa what this is really about”
“I’ve got contacts upstairs, you know Santa has clout”
“Did I miss you one chistmas, getting you G.I Joe?”
“I’m really confused and I really must know”
“There’s no time to dawdle because Christmas comes soon”
“I now have to leave early so I get home by noon”
“I’m down to four reindeer from my original eight”
“And with half my contingent, I’m usually late”
“Now please tell me all, what it is that I missed”
“We just needed to see you to know you exist”
“As lawyers our spirit is little to none”
“And the whole Christmas season si no longer fun”
“They’ve banned the word Christmas in court and in Schools”
“In fact we all feel that we all look like fools”
“We used this sad tactic to get you down here”
“So you can do something great to bring back our cheer”
“Christmas once was a time for belonging”
“When carolers sang and went out all ding donging”
“It’s now just a season for retail and sales”
“Where people just eat and they look like beached whales”
So Santa sat back and he thought  what to do
How could I make Christmas Special, can I make it brand new”
He then said “I’ve got it, I’ll bring back the elves”
“I’ll make stuff on consignment and I’ll fill the shelves”
“I’ll go out on tour signing books to mend fences
“All the money I make will help drop my expenses
“The toys will stay dangerous, that never will change”
“But, I’ll make less noisy guns and I;ll reduce their range”
“I’ll advertise Christmas….yes that’s what I’ll do”
“I’ll do it up as a sequel….Call it Christmas Part Two”
And he rose from his chair and he said with a grin
“I’m off now to China to fire ten guys named Chin”
And those lawyers all heard as he flew away East,
“Who’d have thought three small presents would create such a beast?”


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