T’was the day before Christmas

It’s the day before Christmas
And I’m not prepared
I’ve got lots of stuff here
There was no expense spared

The baking is finished
The drinks are on ice
The tree looks delightful
I’ve put it up twice

The first time it went up
The cat climbed inside
It went for a tumble
Now, the cat is outside

The presents aren’t wrapped up
The stockings aren’t hung
I can’t find the scissors
I just bit my tongue

The stress is increasing
With one day to go
At least it is cold so
We’re gonna have snow

I’ve forgotten the crackers
I can’t find the plates
I’ve the wrong kind of cheese
So, I can’t stuff the dates

There’ll be 14 for dinner
A houseful to feed
But, I am not ready
Not ready, indeed

I must leave you reader
As this is my last word
I just looked in the kitchen
And I’ve forgotten the bird!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Best Wishes from our house to yours


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