The Christmas Lights

There is a Christmas Story
For each light upon the tree
A tale to share with others
For each light that you can see
Stories of the presents
Of the times from long before
There are stories in the light string
Go to the past…step through the door

Each light brings on a feeling
As each decoration does as well
There are stories long forgotten
There are stories you should tell
Of Uncle Mike and Aunty Pat
Of skiing down the hill
Of Christmas’ from long ago
You think about them still

A simple decoration
Brings a picture to your mind
Of the Christmas you first got this
Of the friends you’ve left behind
Of road hockey on Christmas Day
And making snowmen in the yard
It doesn’t take much to find the memory
It really isn’t all that hard

The tree and place is different
And the people come and go
Remember back that Christmas
When there wasn’t any snow
The pictures may be buried
And the gifts, now out of sight
But, if you look closely at the tree now
You’ll see a story in each light

Spend some time this Christmas
Sing some songs, remember back
Of the Christmas’s forgotten
Of the people you’ve lost track
Look deep inside the light string
Find the stories in each light
Tell the stories to your loved ones
On this Merry Christmas night

1 Comment

  1. Lovely one Roger! Yes I always think back to the older days! And they bring a lot of laughs and also some tears. Can still see Uncle Mike coming back from his skiing trip! ha ha


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