The Christmas Ponies

There are places full of magic
In this great wide world of ours
They are secret, full of stories
And they possess special powers

Deep places in the woodland
Where the fairy people hide
Away from human beings
Never found, though lots have tried

There are other magic places
That the fairies are, of course
One is Sable Island
The other, Yorkshire Moors

Places of protection
For the magic and it’s hosts
Where the only people out there
Are seen by fairies just as ghosts

Both places have their magic
There’s no people to be found
Both are full of Wild Horses
And the wind the only sound

Years ago, the magic
Disappeared, or so some thought
When the last wild unicorn
Was hunted down and caught

But, the fairies hid the magic
Hid the horses in the wild
And the magic is still hidden
But, for belief of a small child

The magic hides the fairies
Keeps the unicorns so free
Their horns are hidden from us
But only believing children see

The horses and the ponies
On the island and the moor
Run wild, playing with the folk
Hidden by the magic door

They’ve never loved a human
Felt the touch of human hands
They run loose through the sea grass
Playing in the surf and sand

On the moor they skip ‘cross marshes
With coats so long and wild
Being ridden by the fairy folk
Never loving a small child

Each year though magic happens
But, it’s only for one night
It’s on Christmas Eve, and secret
Part of Santa’s magic flight

He stops on Sable Island
As he does the Yorkshire Moor
And he uses Christmas magic
For what it was made for

One night each year the ponies
And the horses get their horns
And run wild as intended
Running out as unicorns

Christmas magic brings the fairies
And they ride all through the night
On the magic Christmas ponies
It’s such an awesome sight

But, the magic must stay hidden
For unicorns are gold
And you have to keep this secret
No one else can ‘ere be told

On Christmas Night at midnight
The ponies all change back for the next year
And the fairies guard their secret
It’s a secret they hold dear

The ponies and the horses
Miss the love of boys and girls
But, Santa makes them special
As he goes round the world

He finds the magic horses
Makes them just as they were born
And for one full night at Christmas
They become a unicorn

I’ve never seen it happen
But, I believe that it is true
I have been sworn to keep their secret
I know I can…now…will you?

For Sara Allan….who loves horses….and the magic….


  1. Magical poem. However, can I just point out that to most people in the UK the Yorkshire Moors are far from a magical place as they will forever be associated with the Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. There is one small boy buried there who has sadly never been found 😦


  2. the artwork on the page is from our upcoming kids book of this, hopefully ready for next Christmas. we are going to be selling this one as a childrens book, hardcopy and on Amazon as an e-book. the artwork i posted is by a talented illustrator in Colorado named Donna Clement.

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