Poesy plus Polemics

"Homeless Veteran" Photo by Tomas Andres Donoso From “Homeless Veteran”
Photo by Tomas Andres Donoso

(a lament for our forgotten veterans)

what boon could you grant
this old warrior soul
or is time too far gone
for advantage to matter
the silvery promise
too heavy to hold
in my unsteady
frailty of days
your kingly insignia
once gave me shield
for my overland letter
of marque expeditions
I vanquished the rabble
and captured your prizes
great cities expanding
the reach of your realm
but I no longer ride
armored steeds
no more battlefields
beckon my skills
I’ve surrendered my lance
for the stem and the flower
I lie bent and broken
abed in a bower of thistledown
sorting the leaves of my years
with the point of the sword
that rang shrill with your name
but of bread I have none
and can’t fend for myself
so my palms have no choice
but to raise themselves

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