we three guys

We Three Guys (We Three Kings)
by Roger Turner on Thursday, 11 August 2011 at 17:20 ·

We’re 3 guys who ride on the bus
Please take a good look at us
We have no home, or a cell phone
There’s Me and Bob and Gus
Sally Ann will take you in
Eat off plates that look like tin
There’s no fear there, and there’s cheer there
Please may we 3 come in

All we have we wear on our backs
We don’t have to pay income tax
It’s not funny, we’ve no money
Yes, these are all the sad facts
I once used to have a good job
Now I dress myself like a slob
I’m a good dude, though I look rude
Greetings, my name is Bob
We don’t want for you to feel shame
There is no one for you to blame
Folks ignore us, some abhor us
We look at them the same
I am Gus and I’m not well off
Lately, I’ve developed a cough
Could be TB, may just kill me
Then I’d be better off
I am Paul, and these are my friends
Our good will to you we will send
Come and join us, riding our bus
Riding it Till the end.

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